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Most patients have questions about their insurance coverage and whether or not their acupuncture treatments will be covered.

MediCare and MediCal in most cases do not cover acupuncture, and I do not accept either one.  However, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan you will be covered with a copay.

Kaiser and American Specialty Health (ASH) Plans - I am currently out-of-network with these plans and there are no out-of-network benefits with Kaiser.

Most other insurances do have some acupuncture benefits, but each plan is different.  If you are curious about your plan's benefit, call the member services number on the back of your insurance card and inquire specifically about your coverage, deductible that applies, copay, and number of treatments allowed per year.

In my experience, most HMO plans do not have coverage that is easily accessed.  Definitely call to check with your plan about their requirements.  Most of the HMO plans I encounter do not cover acupuncture.

In-Network or Out of Network PPO plans

I am In-Network with most plans, but am going out of network with a few plans as the insurance industry changes.  Many insurance plans have benefits for both In-Network and Out of Network Providers.  While this can be a little confusing, some insurance companies discourage you to use out of network providers by increasing your copay for out-of-network.  But, Out of Network plans usually pay the practitioner a higher fee, so your copay is negotiable in these cases. 

The bottom line is that insurance can be confusing for many.  I deal with insurance companies all the time, so I am very familiar with how they work.  Just ask if you have a question about your coverage.  I am willing to help sort it out for you!

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